Uploading a Flyer to Craigslist


Craigslist is an efficient advertising venue if your firm is locally focused because it is just a marketplace similar to classified ads in newspapers.

You can attract buyers who are specifically seeking your product by creating a digital flyer on Craigslist or converting your company’s print fliers to a Craigslist post.

To submit ads for services and certain other categories, you’ll need a Craigslist account, but once you’ve created one, you may start posting right away.

1. Open your browser and go to Craigslist.com (see Resources). On the right side of the home page, click “My Account,” then “Sign Up for an Account.

” Click “Create Account” after entering your email address and the text from the CAPCHA image.

In your inbox, look for a Craigslist account activation notice, click the link, and create your password. Accept the Craigslist Terms of Use by clicking “Return to Your Account.”

2. Go to your Craigslist account page and click the “New Posting” tab. Choose your city, the ad kind, and the neighborhood where your business is located.


Make your advertisement. Craigslist suggests using plain text as much as possible, however, you can customize your ad with a restricted set of HTML tags and properties.

You can copy and paste the HTML code into your Craigslist post if you prepared the flyer in a program like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer that can save the file as an HTML page.

Images must be hosted on your own server if you use them. Click “Continue” after your ad is finished.

4. Click “Continue” after reviewing your ad as it will appear to visitors. Follow the instructions to finish the procedure and submit your ad if Craigslist requires an email or phone verification.