How to Stop Automated Flagging on Craigslist

The internet is a great place to get things done. There are so many websites, and you can find anything on them. Craigslist is one of the most popular sites where people sell their wares online.

It’s also an easy way for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers in order to make some quick cash.

One thing that has been frustrating users for years is when they list something on Craigslist, it gets flagged by automated systems because someone else posted the same item at a lower price even though they’re not in competition with each other.

This creates more work for sellers who have to constantly be removing the flags from their listing every day or two which adds up over time if you post items regularly as I do!

Flagging is Craigslist’s way of ensuring that all posted advertisements are appropriate and legal.

Paid advertisements that get flagged are subject to review before they’re removed, but free ones can be taken down automatically as soon as there’s a qualifying number of flags raised against them- unless you want your ad unblemished by any potential wrongdoing!

So make sure what content might upset someone in order not to have it pulled immediately upon submission.


Place your ad in the correct category. Miscategorizing an ad or posting a location-specific Craigslist listing for something unrelated will cause it to flag, so make sure you’re placing things where they should go before hitting publish!

If you accidentally put one of those ‘wrong’ posts up there–don’t worry: just repost them as is with their appropriate listings section already included (though we recommend double-checking).


Limit the number of ads you post per week. Though it may seem like oversaturating users’ search results would be good for getting their attention, this only causes irritation and will get your ad flagged as spam in no time!

Posting one ad every day or even multiple times a day can help limit how often people see them so they don’t grow tired from seeing too much advertising all at once – not just with Google but other sites as well such as Facebook where having an excessive amount posts about certain products could actually hurt sales if there isn’t enough variety available on that page (think brand pages vs personal timeline).


People with highly diverse interests use Craigslist to advertise goods and services, but there are many items that cannot be advertised.

For example, you cannot sell illegal items such as weapons or drugs on this site – it is a federal law in America for these types of advertisements (in print) only if they’re directed at people located outside our country too!

So take note when writing your ad copy: do not mention anything about selling things illegally because we’ll get rid of them faster than ever before ;).

I also wouldn’t bother trying scams like fake jobs from home since those won’t fool anyone once word gets around.


Conclusion paragraph:

Craigslist has been getting more and more restrictive with its policies. To combat this, you need to take some action on your end as well. While there are many hacks that have popped up over the years, these days it’s best just not to use Craigslist at all because of how much manual flagging is going on.

People who don’t want ads for certain items or jobs will manually report them so they can be taken down quickly by a human moderator.

If you’re looking for alternative places to advertise where people aren’t reporting each other’s posts constantly, look into advertising through social media channels like Facebook Ads or Instagram marketing services instead!