How to Set Up Craigslist Alerts to Find the Best Deals

If you’re looking for a way to find the best deals on Craigslist, this article will show you how. In just a few minutes, I’ll teach you how to set up alerts so that you can be notified as soon as an item of your interest is posted.

Once it’s been listed, there are many tools that can help you analyze whether or not it’s worth buying.

You’ll also learn about what not to do when making a purchase from Craigslist and some tips for ensuring your safety while using the site.

The hunt for a great deal is something that I find uniquely satisfying. There’s nothing like getting the things you need (and maybe even some items on your wish list) for less than their market value from Craigslist every day before bedtime during most of my 20 years as an adult life!

Over these many years, it gave me plenty of scores – gold-framed paintings with Art Nouveau designs; velvet rocking chairs dating back into the early 1900’s when decoration meant more than just looking good but rather displaying one’s personality through style choices).

Nine times out of ten, I’d be able to sell these items for more than what I paid when ready for something new. But then became a mom and all that went out the window because Craigslist wasn’t going anywhere but amidst daily life overload with no time leftover just use it anymore so despite baby-related expenses piling up higher than my laundry bills plus paying an “insurance” fee from retailers on clothes furniture etc.

We found ourselves paying double taxes at some point in order not only to buy things needed as parents but also get them cheaply enough while still being able (or wanting)to purchase anything else we wanted later without running into any problems.

I was so excited to find a Thule Chariot stroller on Craigslist, but I quickly lost my momentum. The turn of the New Year inspired me and rekindled my relationship with exercise again – until we found out that it would cost too much time away from work as well!

I wanted one of those sleek-looking chariots you see them pushing around in old movies or TV shows -you know? But they move quickly when posted online which meant if there were any available at all (and most likely won’t be), then chances are slim because moms like me.

A colleague of mine recently introduced me to Visualping, which is free and maybe the best weapon yet in my battle against baby tax. Though it could really be used for any Craigslist search (whether you need a printer at work or housing), I discovered this site’s ability to watch updates on postings by tracking visual changes across different web pages.

Once alerted via email when one change occurs- even if it’s just something as simple as someone resizing an image!

You’ll have no worries about missing anything worthwhile while going about your day since all activities will appear before them automatically without having open multiple windows throughout each online session like many other programs require users do nowadays.

Step 1: Pull up Visualping and Craigslist

When you’re looking for a specific brand name item on ​Craigslist, it’s best to search the region-specific “For Sale” section.

If your area doesn’t have many postings in this category and they are all from other buyers searching for that same product as well then maybe consider going into more general baby + kid searches instead; but if there aren’t any options at all or too few posts about what type of things interest YOU most (i.e., toys rather than furniture), then try broadening out by adding additional keywords like “toddler”.

Next, open a new tab and head to If you’ve never done site monitoring before, it can be easy enough just by creating your first task!

Unlike many free online services that appear to want everything about me—for example, my name or email address—VisualPing only asks for the latter because we use push notifications to avoid interrupting anyone with unwanted messages on their phone screen while using an app that could become inconvenient if there were constant alerts popping up all over town (not dragging).

Step 2: Set up an account by doing a monitoring task

Once you’ve landed on a list of posts on Craigslist, copy the URL from your web browser. Paste it into Visualping and click “GO!” Click here for more information about how to get started with our website search engine.

A screenshot will pop up showing exactly what appears online at any given moment – so make sure that cropped image covers all relevant data within its boundaries by zooming out once zoomed-in if necessary; trimming away extra spaces or margins as needed before uploading anywhere else online where users are able to access pictures such as Instagram captions.

The first thing I had to do was find the Craigslist search bar in this image. There were several posts directly underneath, and since they all looked interesting it didn’t take long for me to decide on one that would be perfect!

The Chariot is currently being sold at its lowest price ever – you’ll have no problem catching them while they’re still available if your timing’s right (which means now might not actually work).

Step 3: Confirm your email and wait for notifications to roll in

For a basic search, click “Start free monitoring”. This will prompt you to verify your email address and make sure that the spam folder doesn’t receive it within minutes or so of sending an inbox message with Visualping in it.

Once confirmed as received by both parties (they’ll respond quickly), they give instructions on how best to go through setting up accounts for themselves before providing any other details about their service – all just like what was mentioned at the top!

As a Craigslist user, I’m glad to hear that there’s an option for up to 65 free searches per month with the limit of two separate pages daily. This frequency is perfect as it allows me enough time to check my ads and see whether they’ve gone through without having any adverse effects on these important activities like pricing out other users’ merchandise too soon!

However, if you’re someone who has more active jobs looking in various areas or even wants this service all day every single minute then consider upgrading your plan which will give access to ten total page checks each day at only $4 dollars monthly…

Visualping also works for sites like Kijiji, eBay Classifieds, or the online classifieds section of your local newspaper.

Anyone using Craigslist to hunt for rental housing in locations with a low vacancy rate should consider boosting their frequency of checks so they’re first on-board when communicating about properties and building managers are more likely to take them seriously than someone who sends out multiple correspondences without ever getting responses back from landlords/building superintendents themselves!