How To Sell Puppies On Craigslist

The internet is a scary place. It’s full of cat videos, memes, and people who are just waiting to take advantage of you. One way to cut down on the number of unsavory contacts you make is by selling your puppies online through craigslist.

This article will walk you through all the steps from posting an ad that stands out from the rest to navigating tricky conversations with potential buyers.

How Do I Post A Puppy For Sale On Craigslist?

If you’re looking to sell your new puppy, Craigslist is a great place to start. However, there are some things that need to be done before posting the ad.

In this blog post, I will explain how to properly post an ad for a dog on Craigslist and give tips for making it successful!

I’ll also share my experience from selling my own puppy on CL with links at the end of the article if you want more information.

1. Create An Ad

The craigslist site allows you to post ads on their site for free with or without an account using just your valid email address.

You need to list all the vital information about pets, including what they are looking for in a new home – whether it’s vet care at no cost, food donations only (so there won’t be any confusion about which type), etc.; if possible include pictures of yourself/pet(s).

Then state that “I will charge $x per month until this pet finds his perfect family! This small homing fee discourages potential abusers from responding.”

If posting online seems overwhelming then consider creating flyers around town instead of where people usually go during lunch break.

2. Question Your Potential Adopter

In this process, you can make sure that your pet is in good hands by asking potential adopters why they want to adopt and what kind of shelter or organization will take care of the dog.

Weight every answer before going any further into adoption with a vague response like “I don’t know” as well as making sure there has been no mention yet about having experience caring for another similar breed; if anything feels sketchy at all then back away slowly because these people might not be worth investing time into!

3. Make A Home Check

You can request a home visit with your potential adopter.

If the person refuses, you might want to rethink rehoming their dog until you know more about them and what they are really like in order for it not to be heartbreaking when things don’t work out between all parties involved (this goes vice versa too).

Additionally, make sure that any children or other pets living at the address will also accept petting-time from yours because if there isn’t mutual respect then no one deserves heartbreak over an unpaid disagreement; especially given how much these little ones miss playing fetch outside!

4. It’s Time To Re-Home

You can now let your perfect pet go! All that’s left for you to do is sign the contract and give them our veterinary records.

If everything goes well, explain their new routine so they will use it quickly; after which we’ll make sure there are no hiccups in getting settled with each other before letting this amazing couple take one of God’s finest on home adoption journey today- or any day since he doesn’t have an expiration date like some people might think.

Why Are Pet Sales Prohibited On Craigslist?

The use of online advertising sites is increasing, but beware – some individuals have attempted to steal pets and sell them on these ads.

Craigslist won’t allow it because it could get sued by its rightful owners if they find out later down the road that a stolen animal was advertised as being for sale or rent without any investigation into its authenticity first!

The problem with this? As much fun as having your pet back might be, what would happen when you discover after too late (i)the person who has been caring for him/her took off running.

Is It Bad To Sell A Dog On Craigslist?

To those who sell their dogs on craigslist, I have a message: the answer is no. Selling an animal like this causes them to suffer and even die from neglect or abuse by buyers that cannot properly care for them in order to meet the demands of profit margins required by advertisers such as yourself (the seller).

The result? Cages full of homeless retired racing greyhounds – not cute!

In addition to being cruel towards our fellow creatures – you are also doing something incredibly harmful toward society at large because these pets go straight into shelters where euthanasia rates hover around 80%.

Rules To Follow When You’re Selling A Dog On Craigslist

Rehoming your pet must be the most heartwrenching as an owner, due to circumstances that you lose your job or home.

Sickness injury can cause a need for relocation which will lead them far away from their current environment and friends–leaving them feeling lonely in another place without any familiar humans around who love him/her as family members do at first glance! Maintaining high breed dogs’ health may seem costly but it’s really worth every penny spent if one wants his dog looking handsome with healthy hair texture after grooming sessions are done.

A good photo is a must for pet owners who want to find homes for their dogs.

Prepare an informative description of your pup, including all the training it’s received and any special traits or interests you may know about!

You can also mention its medical history if it has one; be sure not to forget what treats they prefer over others – everyone loves food (or maybe more specifically…treats).

Be honest about your pet in order to find a good home for them. The more comfortable they are with their new surroundings, the less likely it will be that you’ll need to make any adjustments on either side when adopting out an animal from a shelter or rescue organization!

Signing contracts is important – as owner please make sure there’s paperwork stating what kind of care each party promises towards one another should anything happen between them later down the line (ie: if I break my leg).