How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist

The internet is a weird place. I know that by now – it’s been my home for over 15 years! But, there are some things you just don’t expect to find online and feet pics falls into this category.

I’m not talking about the foot fetish kind of feet pics, but the type that people post in their free ads on Craigslist or other classified sites to sell shoes or clothing items.

It might sound strange at first, but believe me when I tell you how much money can be made selling these pictures…I was skeptical too until I tried it myself!

How Much Money One Can Make By Selling Feet Pics

“If you are a foot fetishist, then there is no better way to make money in this world than selling feet pics. And if you don’t believe us, well we have got a list of people who actually did it and made enough money from their pictures that they can lead a life of luxury for the rest of their lives.”

In reality, there is no limit to how much money one can make as a model. Models can earn anywhere from $5 to $1000 for a single photo; if you can execute customized shoots, you can earn even more.

Everything will fall into place once you’ve figured out the path.

Meet Sarah Schauer, who started selling feet photos online as a side hustle while working a 9-5 job. See also this Times Now article, which mentions a woman feet model who earns roughly $574 per week despite the pandemic.

Is it Safe/Legal to sell your feet pics on craigslist?

Is it safe to sell your feet pics on craigslist? Well, that depends. There’s no doubt about the legality of selling foot pictures online. However, there may be some things you want to consider before doing so.

First off, would you do this for any other part of your body? If not, then don’t do it with your feet either!

Also consider how many people are viewing these ads and what they might use them for if purchased.

Would you feel comfortable knowing someone is looking at photos of just your toes or soles during their lunch break each day?

Lastly, think about if something went wrong after a sale was completed- could you find the person who bought them again once the money has changed hands?

How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist?

Craigslist is more about secondhand items, gigs, and services than it is about selling photos.

Nonetheless, many individuals come here to look for photos of their feet, giving this a platform for ‘Foot Models.’

To sell photos of feet on Craigslist, follow these steps:

  • Create a Craigslist seller account.
  • Make eye-catching ads for your foot photos.
  • Selecting the appropriate term and promoting it on other social media networks.
  • Consider the buyer’s point of view.
  • Set effective pricing when the BuyerBuyer arrives.
  • Also, sell your photos of your feet!

You can make sure the feet pics you are clicking match what industry-level photography looks like by adding some intimacy. You might even want to directly approach brands and offer them your services as well!

But don’t forget about charging reasonable rates; it’s important that beginners know their worth too.

Take an example of someone who has successfully earned money through selling photos on Craigslist (or another similar site), send out an email inquiry with “foot fetish” in its Subject Line, then take note when they respond back once again mentioning pricing information – do not overlook this opportunity if possible!

Conclusion paragraph: If you are looking for an easy way to make money, try selling your feet pics on Craigslist.

It’s surprisingly lucrative! You can get paid $500 or more just by taking a few photos of your feet and posting them online.

This is great because it doesn’t require much time investment at all – the only thing you have to do is post some pictures that show off how sexy your soles look in heels or flip-flops. So what are you waiting for?

Go out today and take some foot selfies so you can start making cash tomorrow!