How to Put a Commercial Ad on Craigslist


Craigslist is the go-to website for posting a free ads for goods, services, and nearly anything else, with over 50 million classified ads placed every month.

Craigslist is a for-profit corporation that makes the majority of its money from a few types of commercial ads, despite its reputation for free listings.

You can buy an individual ad or an entire block of advertisements to publish a job listing in San Francisco or one of over a dozen major cities, a brokered apartment for rent in New York City, or therapy services anywhere in the United States.

Individual Ads for Sale 1.
Go to the Craigslist site for the area where you wish to post a commercial advertisement. Under Craigslist, click the “Post to Classifieds” link in the upper-left corner.

Click “Continue” after selecting the sort of advertisement you want to post. Select a category and click “Continue” once more. If prompted, choose another category and click “Continue.”

2. Pick a location near the rental, employment, or service that has been advertised. After that, click “Continue” and fill in the information for the ad.

Make sure your email address is up to date. “Continue” is selected. Review the advertisement, make any necessary adjustments, and then click “Continue.”


Open your email account and look for the Craigslist message. Review the Terms of Service by clicking the custom link in the message. If you agree to the terms, click the “Accept” button.

4. Enter your phone number and select whether you want an authorization code sent to your phone via SMS or voice.

“Send the Code” should be selected. Enter the code in the Submit Verification Code box and click the button when you receive it.

5. Click “Continue” after selecting “Pay Now by Credit Card.” Click “Submit” after entering your credit card information.

1. Go to the “Craigslist Paid Posting Account Sign Up Form” page and purchase a block of ads (see Resources section).


Include your company name, taxpayer ID, and account name in your account and billing information. “Continue” is selected.

3. Double-check the data you entered. Return to the form to make changes or submit it by clicking “Continue.” Craigslist will send you an email to arrange payment for your new account.