How to Know if a Craigslist Listing Is a Hoax

Every day, people are looking for ways to make money. Whether it’s applying for an online job or selling something, there is always a risk that the opportunity will turn out to be too good to be true.

One way you can tell if a Craigslist listing is fake is by looking at the user’s ratings and reading through their feedbacks.

If they have high ratings with few complaints about them not following through on their promises, then you’re probably safe providing your own information in order to work with them. But if they have low ratings and many complaints of not following through with what was agreed upon then stay away!

Craigslist is a great way to find deals on anything from furniture and appliances, to clothes or even pets. But scammers have found their way onto the site and will often post fake ads with an intention of trying to steal money out of unsuspecting customers who respond by contacting them directly- sometimes thousands at once!

Not only does this leave you looking foolish in front of your employees (and clients), but if enough people fall victim then there could be serious consequences for our country’s economy as well.

Billions are lost annually due largely because social media platforms don’t take responsibility when users are defrauded through “user-generated content.” It pays now more than ever before.


The overpayment scam is a common trick on Craigslist. In this con, the buyer purchases items using checks that are intentionally made out for more money than you expected to receive back from your bank account and then ask for this excess cash wire transfer before it clears, so they can keep both their purchase price as well as any goods sent with free delivery!

If someone sends an extra payment through the mail because of something like “mistakes” or other reasons NOT related to criminality/intentionality (like human error), immediately report them – these types tend not only to partake in fraud but also theft which has serious consequences.

Ultra-Low Price

One of the most important things to know when buying on Craigslist is that prices can be much lower than what you might expect.

Sellers are often looking for a way out, and if they seem too eager or offer goods at below-market value then it’s possible there may not actually exist an item being offered in this ad!

This principle also applies to Facebook jobs pages where hoaxes have been known place up fake ads offering very high wages simply so users would share personal details with them – don’t fall victim by trusting every deal posted online without verifying its authenticity first hand; always request more information from potential buyers before sending any money as payments upfront.

No Contact

When making transactions on Craigslist, be sure to check for contact information before sending any money. If there is no way of getting in touch with the person you are buying from or meeting them face-to-face at their location; do not go through with that transaction!

Buyers have reported being robbed after communicating over phone lines and also being assaulted when trying to meet strangers who claimed they would only accept cash instead of credit cards which left buyers vulnerable since many banks REJECT PAYPAL payments as well (this happened because some users did fraudulently]eetsy sales).

Other Signs

Craigslist has been the target of many scams. It’s important to watch out for these common Craigslist hoaxes when buying or selling on this site: buyers may claim that their payment is guaranteed by the website, sellers request money be sent overseas, and return promised.

Any transaction involving huge sums of money in a short period of time (weeks, not months) should be avoided because it could indicate that they’re attempting something new on you, such as transferring monies into an account without notifying them beforehand and then asking “how much was owed?”