How to Center an Ad in Craigslist


Craigslist is a valuable tool for company owners who wish to advertise a job opening, sell a product, or provide professional services without paying a charge.

You can either post a standard ad or design a personalized ad to attract attention. Basic HTML code can be used to center a block of text or even a full advertisement.

1. Select the type of ad you wish to create, such as a job listing or an ad for a service your firm provides, by clicking the “Post to Classifieds” link. “Continue” is selected.

2. Type the wording for your advertisement.

3. Position your mouse in front of the text you wish to center and type the following opening paragraph tag:

<p align=”center”>

4. Type a closing paragraph tag after the last word that should be centered in your advertisement. Here’s a comprehensive sample of the code:


Here’s where your main ad text goes.

<p align=”center”>your center ad text goes here</p>

Between the two tags, all content will now be centered.


Fill in the remaining fields on the Web form, such as the ad’s title, your location, and your email address.

Upload any photos you’d like to use in the ad, then click “Continue” to see a preview.