How to Build a Craigslist Ad


Craigslist is a valuable resource for small enterprises interested in doing business or hiring locally, as it lists anything from rental properties to jobs, books, and collectibles.

The site, which is organized by location, allows posters to submit free classified ads by category, which are then assessed by site users interested in a given service.

In most categories, Craigslist also offers a number of text and image options to help you create a persuasive and interesting ad for potential consumers or employees.

To begin, go to If this is your first time visiting the site, choose your city from the list of alternatives.

2. In the upper left corner of the main screen, click “Post to Classifieds.”

3. Click on the relevant radio button and then “Continue” to choose a category for your post, such as “job offered” or “housing offered.”

You may be asked to choose a subcategory depending on the category you select. Select “for sale” and then “musical instruments — by dealer” if your small business sells guitars, for example.


Fill in the wording for your advertisement. Give the item a descriptive title, a price, and a description.

If you’d rather have an anonymous Craigslist forwarding address than your actual email address, type in your email address and click the “Anonymize” button.

(This is advised because your personal email address will be hidden.) Make your ad stand out by making the title as descriptive as possible and providing a thorough and accurate description of the body.

5. Select “Continue” from the drop-down menu.

6. Include graphics in your ad. To find images on your computer, click the “Choose File” button, select all the image files you wish to include, and then click the “Done with Images” button.


Check the preview of your ad to make sure everything is correct. To make changes, select “Edit Text” or “Edit Images,” or click “Continue” to indicate that you wish to publish the ad as is.

When you click “Continue,” an email confirmation is sent to your email address.

8. Open your email account, locate the Craigslist email, and click the confirmation link.

9. Read over the Terms of Service and make sure you want to post your ad. After final confirmation, the ad will appear on the site in 15 minutes.