How Reliable Are Craigslist Ads for Jobs?


Employers routinely and successfully utilize Craigslist; yet, as a job seeker, the classifieds site is more prone to scams than other job search sites.

To correctly use Craigslist, you must distinguish between “gigs” and “jobs,” as well as watch for warning signals that a posting may not be authentic.

Jobs and Gigs

Because there is no price for posting a gig on Craigslist, many scammers try to publish lucrative employment listings there.

Craigslist imposes a $25 per-post fee in most large metropolitan areas for posting a job advertisement under “Jobs” (see “Resources” for a list of fee-charging cities).

This money is used to ensure that the posting is genuine.

Many smaller locations, such as Savannah, Georgia, or Madison, Wisconsin, do not charge a fee for job ads, yet the “Gigs” section may be just as inaccurate.

It’s almost too good to be true
The most common Craiglist employment scam is an attempt to obtain information.

Even if the organization appears to be real, be aware of any job posting that requires you to do work upfront or wants unusual information early in the hiring process, such as your social security number.

Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics for wage ranges for your position (see “Resources”).

A job that offers a high income by industry norms is almost certainly a con.