How Long Does an Ad Stay on Craigslist?

You may be wondering how long an advertisement stays up on Craigslist. The answer is that it varies greatly depending on the city, but typically ads stay up for about a month before being taken down by Craigslist staff.

In general, you can expect to have your ad up for at least 3 weeks if you post in major metropolitan areas like New York City or San Francisco.

If you do not live in these cities and are willing to pay a small fee ($5-$10), then your ad will remain posted indefinitely.

Craigslist is the world’s largest classifieds website, with over 2 million listings posted every day. Users can create ads to sell or find anything from jobs that pay under $5 per hour all of the way up through luxury cars and apartment rentals in your city!

The site has a maximum duration time limit for each listing which depends on location type: 45 days if posting as free text (for example ” FSBO”), 90 days when using an ad picture & description combo pack (such as real estate), 180+ during certain holiday seasons such New Year’s Eve.

General Guidelines

The Craigslist site has a set of guidelines for how long your ad will be up, based on what type it is. For instance, if you post an apartment or job listing both require the appropriate amount of time at least 30 days before they expire so that people can still see them and apply!

However, there are some instances where advertising in certain parts may have different rules like New York City which normally requires free ads to last45 days but only allows listings with paid options whereas other areas grant shorter EXPIRATION DATES such as 7-day therapist notices near Washington DC – these exceptions also come into play when being specific about location; I e specifying “suburbs” instead just makes sure no one misinterprets.

Guidelines for Major Metro Areas

Posts to Craigslist in major metropolitan areas don’t stay on the website for very long. Posts listed under For Sale, Housing Services and Community expire after seven days while resume posts only last thirty days before they must be removed or replaced with new ones.

Event postings also have a limit of how many can remain online at one time–they will automatically disappear after being viewed once by someone who is not attending your event!

The locations affected by these guidelines include Atlanta, Austin (including the surrounding areas), Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Houston Los Angeles New York Orange County Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Sacramento San Diego Seattle South Florida Washington DC.

Guidelines for Other Cities

Craigslist ads last longer in major metro areas than in other cities. However, they will stay up for 45 days if listed on the site’s “For Sale” or Community category pages and Services/Personals sections as well!

The same timelines apply to Resumes & Gig Ads posted outside of a big-city region such as New York City: These advertisements can be seen by potential employers who search through them before deciding whom they want at their business – just like how people living there might use these types of sites too when looking around town.

Breach of Conduct

Any ad that violates Craigslist’s terms of use may be removed from the site before its expiration date. This includes ads suspected to be spam or duplicate listings posted in more than one area of craigslist. In addition to being deleted by staff members, users can flag posts if they believe their content is inappropriate.