How Can I Post the Same Ad Under a New Date on Craigslist?


After several days on Craigslist, your ad is likely to be buried beneath new entries. You can move your ad to the top of the list under a new date to give it more exposure.

You can move free advertising on Craigslist by renewing them, but you can only do it every 48 hours. You must pay an additional price to get your paid adverts moved to the top.

Whether you utilize a Craiglist account or not, the technique for renewing or reposting advertising differs.

Without a Craigslist account

1. open the confirmation email you received when you first posted your ad.

2. Open a new web page with choices for managing your ad by clicking the hyperlink in the email message’s body.

3. To move your ad to the top of the list, click the “Renew This Posting” button. This button is only available for Craigslist free ads.

4. To move a paid ad to the top of the list, click the “Repost This Posting” button. This option duplicates the ad with a new expiration date, and Craigslist will ask for your credit card details to pay for it.

Log in to your Craigslist account with Account 1.


For a free ad, click the “Renew” option next to the listing. The advertisement rises to the top of the category in which it appears.

3. If the ad has already expired or been deleted, or if you want to create a duplicate post of a paid ad at the top of the list, click the “Repost” link.

Before reposting the ad, Craiglist opens it in edit mode, allowing you to make changes to the text and images.

4. Select “Continue,” “Done With Images,” and “Publish” from the drop-down menus. You must also enter your payment card details if the ad is paid.