Craigslist Shopping Tips for Negotiating

A lot of people think that Craigslist is a place to buy and sell unwanted items. But, there are also those who use it as a way to find deals on used merchandise.

Just like any other online shopping site, you need to know how to negotiate with the seller. In this post, we will talk about some tips for negotiating when buying from craigslist sellers.

This post is meant for those who are looking for great bargains on second-hand goods or someone selling their own stuff too cheaply because they don’t understand how much it’s worth!

Have you visited one of these marketplaces before? No formal regulations exist, but haggling is expected.

Dealers know they can extract more money out of their clients by dropping prices and then trying again with a different buyer, so the advertised price on an item may not even come close to its genuine value (or just refusing all offers).

A good rule of thumb: If someone wants something so bad it hurts – don’t give in! It’s always worth going through some hassle at least once when buying secondhand items where condition matters most; maybe this time around your luck will change.

How to Make a Purchase via Craigslist

If you want to venture into the virtual world of Craigslist, there are some important things that need consideration.

1. Try to Determine a Product’s Fair Market Value-Before Haggling

Wikipedia’s definition of fair market value: “An estimate of the market price for the property, based on what an informed buyer would pay to an equally knowledgeable seller in circumstances where there is no negotiation and both parties have equal power.”

On Craigslist it’s your goal as a buyer to get close or less than this amount – so if you see something that looks like it’ll be worth buying, don’t just assume how much one token costs because then someone else could buy them cheaper! Use common sense (and research) before committing too hard.

2. Realize That Everything Is Negotiable

Negotiation is an art more than a science, but there are right ways of doing things. Some sellers put up “no lowballers” disclaimers which means you probably won’t be able to buy their item for $0.50 on the dollar – however, some do seem willing to take less and in those cases, it may just depend if they’re legitimate or not!
“Don’t needlessly insult or anger your seller.”

If a seller went through the trouble of taking photos and typing up an incredible description, then it’s not just because they’re looking for something free.

They want what’s best! So how much should you offer? If your heart is set on this item or anything else in their possession (and who can blame them?), don’t worry about going under 25% below the asking price-just pay as though everything will always be yours no matter what; otherwise there might come someday when all hope would seem lost only to see one last opportunity slip away from underneath fingertips due to happenstance alone…

3. Meet the Seller in Public

It’s truly scary to think about the number of people who have been tricked by Craigslist sellers. So before you meet with a seller, make sure that they live within walking distance from your home so as not to get too far into their vehicle and become vulnerable!

A lot can go wrong when meeting someone for the first time in person no matter how old school technology maybe these days; don’t let yourself become one more statistic at risk due to cautionary tales found online such as this article posted recently: “Craigslist Scams Are Alive And Well.”

To avoid any unpleasant confrontations, visit a public place to meet with the seller. You can also have another person go along if possible so that you don’t get into an argument at your first meeting!

Public places offer more security than private homes and guarantee there will be no angry homeowners waiting for their lost item or money at home (although this does happen).

4. Be Patient

You can find a couch on Craigslist, but it’s important to be aware of the risks. A lot of times people will put up an ad for their old crappy sofa and think that they are going to get rid of this piece so someone else could enjoy what remains in pristine condition even if there are pet urine stains all over. The problem?

You won’t really know until you’ve seen pictures from different angles or touched fabric when actually shaking hands with somebody – then suddenly those stains don’t seem like such an Oakley anymore!

Craigslist is the perfect place for people who want to buy something on their own without being hounded by salespeople. The selection and returns are great, but they can cost more in the end if you don’t find what you are looking for with no hassle from anyone else other than yourself.

A lot has changed since we were all just sitting around trying not to get knocked over during an epileptic seizure before clicking out links back at each other through email listservs; social media platforms like Facebook made things easier even as they shifted culture-wide norms about privacy settings – now every single detail of our lives seems searchable… always!

So while there used to be some nice benefits associated with living life online (like increased convenience) these days everything feels tainted.